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Articles by:  Richard T. "Jim" Holland
 Three Creeks Farm

175 Hells Hollow Drive
Blue Ridge, Georgia  30513


Article 1 - Training Concepts and Basic Skills  (pdf)

Article 2 - Teaching Respect and Basic Ground Manners Under Lead  (pdf)

Article 3 - Advance Leading and Controlling Head Position  (pdf)

Article 4 - Teaching "Come to Me" With the Conditioned Response Method  (pdf)

Article 5 - Teaching Demand "Come to Me"  (pdf)

Article 6 - Teaching the "Head Down" Cue from the Saddle  (pdf)

Article 7 - Being a "Rider" instead of a "Passenger"  (pdf)

Article 8 - Teaching Your Horse To Be Handled  (pdf)

Article 9 - Teaching and Using the Go Forward Cue  (pdf)


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