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Mileage Championships - Open Distance Mileage Reserve Champion

All recipients of SERA Awards and Recognitions must be a member of SERA and only the ride results achieved as an active SERA member apply. Only results from SERA sanctioned and SERA co-sanctioned rides apply. Ride results from years prior to the 2009 ride year do not apply. For SERA Awards purposes, a ride year is December 1 - November 30. For any award which requires nomination, Nomination Forms are due by December 15th. eMAIL Erin Leal ( if you have any questions or concerns.

• Awarded to the horse in order of priority:
o If there was a tie for Open Distance Mileage Champion, the horse with the second highest AERC points wins
o Otherwise, the award is given to the horse with the second highest Open Distance mileage in a single ride year
• In the case with a tie, the horse with the most Open Distance AERC points wins
• If the horse has multiple riders, combined results of SERA member riders are used
• Only Open Distance ride mileage applies