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Milestone Recognitions - Garrie Bates-Ritter Long Ears Award

All recipients of SERA Awards and Recognitions must be a member of SERA and only the ride results achieved as an active SERA member apply. Only results from SERA sanctioned and SERA co-sanctioned rides apply. Ride results from years prior to the 2009 ride year do not apply. For SERA Awards purposes, a ride year is December 1 - November 30. For any award which requires nomination, nominations are due to the Secretary of SERA or Secretary of the East Coast Ride and Tie no later than December 15 and may be made by email or by snail mail.

• In case of a tie, AERC points break the tie
• If at any time the mule fails to complete a ride, a new count begins at zero
• Consecutive miles prior to the pull may still be submitted
• If the mule has multiple riders, combined results of SERA member riders are used
• Based on the mule's combined Open and Limited Distance completions
• Only miles from a single ride year count
• Must self nominate to Laurie Underwood at on or before December 15 of the current ride year and provide supporting documentation