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Annual SERA Awards

All recipients of SERA Awards and Recognitions must be a member of SERA and only the ride results achieved as an active SERA member apply. Only results from SERA sanctioned and SERA co-sanctioned rides apply. Ride results from years prior to the 2009 ride year do not apply. For SERA Awards purposes, a ride year is December 1 - November 30. For any award which requires nomination, nominations are due to the Secretary of SERA (for open and limited distance awards) or Secretary of the East Coast Ride and Tie (for Ride and Tie awards) no later than December 15 and may be made by email or by snail mail.

100-Mile Awards - PDF
     100 Mile Club
     Bronze 100-Mile Award
     Silver 100-Mile Award
     Gold 100-Mile Award
     First 100 - Sponsored By RiteBalance, Sudi Lenhart and Nolan Whitesell, and Mane Street Pet and Horse

Best Condition Awards - PDF
     Best Condition
     Consistent Condition
     Limited Distance Best Condition

Mileage Championships - PDF
     Open Distance Mileage Champion
     Open Distance Mileage Reserve Champion
     LD Mileage Champion - Sponsored By Jana Smith - in Memory of Steffanie Waddington
     65 Plus - Sponsored By Patsy Gowen

Division Awards - PDF
     Top Ten Open Division
     Top Five Limited Distance Division

Freshman Awards - PDF
     Freshman Horse of the Year - Sponsored By Dan Hallman
     Freshman Rider of the Year - Sponsored By Foster Olson and Lela Nielsen

Milestone Recognitions - PDF
     Ten Consecutive Finishes
     350 Miles in One Season
     Region Crossover Award
     Garrie Bates-Ritter Long Ears Award - Sponsored By Ginee Ritter

Junior Awards - PDF
     Grand Champion - Sponsored By Dinkelmann Arabians
     Open Distance Champion
     Limited Distance Champion
     4th, 5th, and 6th Placings

Presidents Awards - PDF
     The Lawton Johnston Award

SERA Ride and Tie Awards - PDF
     Ride and Tie Freshman Horse of the Year
     Ride and Tie Freshman Human Competitor of the Year