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The Southeast Endurance Riders Association (SERA) thanks you for sanctioning your Event with us. When you sanction your Event with SERA, you not only provide your SERA riders with points for year-end awards, you obtain additional liability insurance, the horse scales and more. We wanted to make you aware of some changes which apply to acquiring the scales at your ride. Due to logistical challenges and in order to ensure the best equipment coverage for our ride managers, it has become necessary for the scales to remain with Lara Worden. If you would like the scales to be available for your ride, please email Lara at as soon as your ride is on the calendar. This will provide Lara with as much lead time as possible to determine the logistics of how and if the scales will be able to be at your ride.
Change to SERA Policy Regarding Payment by Ride Managers of Additional Insurance Premiums.
As you may know, SERA maintains a policy of liability insurance which applies to SERA members and ride managers at SERA sanctioned rides. This insurance is and will continue to be provided at no additional cost to a ride manager. HOWEVER, on occasion a ride manager will ask for SERA to provide supplemental types of coverage by adding an “additional insureds” to the policy or providing for something called “waiver of subrogation”. These supplemental coverages are provided at cost to a ride manager. Currently those costs are $25 per additional insured and $30 per waiver of subrogation. We have traditionally just asked the ride manager to reimburse us at the time they send in their sanctioning fees to SERA, but we now are finding it cumbersome to try to keep track of who owes what and ensuring that we are reimbursed. Therefore, starting on January 15, 2022, if a ride manager requests these sorts of supplemental coverages, they must be paid for, up front, before certificates can be issued.

Sanctioning with SERA is easy.

  • Sanctioning fee is $2.00 per starting rider.
  • The sanctioning fee to be sent to SERA within 60 days of ride or December 1st, whichever comes first.
  • Post-ride, sanctioning fees should be sent to SERA's Treasurer at:
    SERA Treasurer
    C/O Michelle Hoffman Wrobel
    P. O. Box 216
    Lithia, FL 33547
  • Proof of insurance coverage will be sent upon request as soon as application is received.
  • Additional copies of insurance are sent if requested.
Changes to SERA Sanctioning Rules.
SERA’s ride sanctioning rules have remained unchanged for the last 20 years. The Board of Directors believe it is time to update these rules in order to keep up the increased demand for rides. The Members approved the below sanctioning new sanctioning rules at the members meeting held on January 15, 2022.
  • Ride Manager or Assistant Ride Manager must be a member of SERA. (Click on Membership for a printable application).
  • Must receive AERC sanctioning prior to SERA sanctioning.
  • Minimum of 2 veterinarians at the ride.
  • Sanction requests for new rides, ride date changes, or changes in the ride length must be received for approval by the SERA sanctioning director at least 30 days before the actual ride date so that proper notification of the ride can be made to SERA members. The sanctioning director may allow, with the approval of the SERA President and the representative for the state in which the ride is located, sanctioning or ride change requests that are received after the 30-day period for emergency purposes only. The sanctioning director may allow, with the approval of the SERA President and the representative for the state in which the ride is located, a request for the inclusion of an additional distance to an already sanctioned ride if the request is submitted at least 10 days before the ride date to the sanctioning director.
  • The sanctioning director should give consideration in keeping the rides separated by at least two weeks if held within a 300-mile radius of a scheduled ride.
  • A first time (new) ride must receive approval from SERA Board for the first two (2) years. If a ride has been successfully managed during the first two years, the approval of the Board is not necessary on the third or subsequent years, only the approval of the Sanctioning Director is required. In this instance successfully managed is defined as no complaints or protests, formal or informal; properly marked and measured trails; all financial obligations were met in a timely manner, no behavior by ride personnel that is inappropriate, disrespectful or dangerous. A ride manager may receive an exemption from this policy if they have previously successfully managed another ride at a different venue/location for two or more years.
  • Preferential sanctioning of established or “old” rides which have been successfully managed should have their dates reserved if they submit the sanctioning request properly and on time.

You can fill out your sanction request Online

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